Parent's Prespective

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Our TEAM ID program has been around for several years now, and I've been blessed to have an awesome group of people come through the program so far. From time to time, we’ll sit down and discuss their experiences; their thoughts about the program in general, what it’s like to be a part of TEAM ID, what they like best, and how things could be improved or adjusted. 

This video is a little different.  I had the opportunity to sit down with one of our parents, Michelle (mother of Moriah), and get her take on what we do here.  As with my other videos, this is an unscripted conversation. I ask a question and they answer—simple as that.  There’s no prompting or retakes, and I have no idea what will be said.

It makes me happy and proud to hear what parents think about our program: how they’ve enjoyed watching their child do something different from their usual activities/sports, how they’ve seen them grow and gain confidence in front of the camera, and how it’s helped raise their self-esteem and have a more positive self-image.  I love taking these photos, but I love seeing the reactions when we view the final products even more. I often challenge our team members as models – and they’ll turn right around and challenge me back as a photographer.  We’re always looking for fresh, sometimes unconventional locations—and while they’re thinking about their poses, facial expressions, and getting their nerves under control in front of the camera, I’m thinking about the background, camera settings, angles, and lighting that will get the best result for all of us.   We truly are a TEAM; we push each other to grow and be better – and most importantly, we have FUN along the way.

I invite you to watch the following video to hear Michelle's perspective on our ID TEAM. 

The Parent's Perspective

Michelle & moriahThe Parent's Perspective



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