Hello, My name is Antonius Sidharta, but most people call me Tony.  I am the owner and photographer of Illustrative Depictions Photography.

I have lived in Texas since 1992 and loving it!

I have loved photography all my life.  I love being able to capture that special moment and have that good feeling all over again when I see the photograph.

Tony Sidharta-19_ppTony Sidharta-19_pp Unlike most photographers out there, I received my degree in Electronic Engineering.  As an engineer, I tend to be detail oriented and strive for perfection.  It is how I approach photography.  I also spent 13 years as a tennis teaching pro. I still love to teach tennis, but I made a decision to shift my focus to photography.  However, I believe that my background has actually help me in my photography style.

As a matter of fact, Tennis helped me start Illustrative Depictions.

I started my company, Illustrative Depictions Photography after years of photographing things.  From events, family, to sports, people starting to ask me to come and photograph their activities.  One day, someone offer to pay for my service (don't hate that person...) and at that moment I realize that in order to offer a more complete experience for people that appreciate my creative ideas, I had to grow and be more than I was.  So in 2009, Illustrative Depictions Photography was born.

I love photography...I love how each session brings out a new challenge and allows me to create something different for my clients.  I love to start of with knowing what kind of pictures my clients like and build from there.

I am a fun loving person.  I love having fun! If it's not fun, then why do it?  If it's not fun, then lets make it fun!  Tennis may have contributed to that attitude.  From meeting a student for a first time, then figuring out what skill level they are, spending hours and hours on a forehand, then all the sudden, she hits that one shot the way she wants it.  It is such a great feeling in that moment where you see their reactions and surprise on executing the shot.  Photography is like that to me.  From the beginning till the end when you see the final print for the first time.  I love to bring joy and happiness in people's life.

I share ideas and techniques from my personal experience.  I love meeting new people and building a relationship with them, just like all the great people that I have met since I moved to Texas back in 1992.

Illustrative Depictions Photography is here to capture you in the moment so that you can be in the moment.