Empress: a sovereign ruler of great power and rank


Our Empress program is a collaboration between Illustrative Depictions Photography and a group of strong and beautiful women who are making a difference in their community. 

No matter what you do: if you're a career woman or a stay-at-home mom, no matter what job field you're in, whether you work for a large company or are self-employed...you are welcome to join our program!

There are three crucial characteristics all ID Empresses share: they are a good member of their community, they love to have FUN and they love to do photoshoots.

What do you get out of it? The opportunity for lots of photo shoots (with your creativity and our skill, the sky is the limit for what we can create together) and yearly plans for your personal or professional use. There are lots of opportunities to showcase yourself with our Facebook shares and broad audience reach.

I can't wait to have you as one of our ID Empresses.  Contact me to find out more.

Meet our current Empresses:

2021 February 08   408 idpJordan         Kaytlin         Nikki
2021 January 16  256 idpMacenzie         2021  July 09  088 idpRandi         2022  May 21 084 idpKelsie

011120Woods066-2_ppHolly         2020  November 20  028 idpPamela         2021  October 7  035 idpStephanie