Randi Skinner

It's me! Randi Skinner—Master of Marketing, Architect of Sales, Passionate Rotarian, and the lady you need to talk to when you need to Get Things Done!

I left my Director of Marketing career and launched RS Consulting because I was tired of seeing small businesses struggle when it comes to marketing due to limited budgets and not knowing how to get started. My mission is to help you go from hot mess to industry success one initiative at a time.

I graduated from UNT (go mean green) with a Bachelors in business focusing on Entrepreneurship. I came for the University of North Texas and stayed for the Denton.

In my 15+ years of experience as a marketing and business development professional, I have learned the importance of developing a recognizable brand, creating relatable content and cultivating authentic relationships throughout the community. I look forward to putting my skills to work for you! 

When I'm not helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses, you can probably find me knee-deep at a local event, grillin’ with my family, or just drinking wine on a patio somewhere in Texas.