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Hi there, my name is Zack Santagate.  I am a photographer, videographer & editor, and a drone pilot.  I am working on my Bachelor Degree in Business Marketing.

I started my journey into content creation when I began filming my action sports adventures primarily with action cameras and drones.  I became immersed in the action sports culture, and thinking of creative and innovative ways to capture moments.

I found myself at a place in this process in which I wanted to add an element to my repertoire. I began talking all the photos I could, experimenting and learning, and the rest is history.

I love to do different type of photo shoot,  and during my downtime, I love to shoot landscape and do some astronomy/night photography.

I had known Tony as a good friend for years, and I join the team, helping and gaining experience as a young up-and-coming photographer and content creator.