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We love to work with our surrounding seniors. Every senior portrait session is unique but it's always fun. We like to be inspired. We like to consult with you through email, phone, text, or in person prior to your photo session to get to know you and start the artistic process. We are always looking for something different that no one else has that tells your story.
Your senior photo session will be at your favorite spot. Don't forget about your hobbies and interests both in and out of school. The more you put forth, the better your images will be. Bring long your class ring, letter jacket, uniforms, etc. If you would like black and white images, be sure to bring clothing that is black, white, or high contrast. Change outfits as often as you want! Solids make for better senior portraits. Choose items with good color, texture(ie. knits, ruffles, denim), and accessories.s Please feel free to make suggestions about clothing selections, poses and locations. If there is a particular look you would like to imitate, bring it along.
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