Hi everyone! I’m Jenna Rockwood! 

       A little about me is: I love meeting new people and I am super social! I am regarded by others as joyful and inclusive! A bad day never lasts for me and I love lifting other people’s spirits! Need someone to do a silly dare on public or make a situation fun? I’m right here! I love making up random dances and making people laugh. I am super easy to make laugh, even if it’s a silly little joke. I love coming up with new ideas, and being pushed beyond my limits to try new things! 

     I love to dance, go to summer camp, play with my dog, go on bike rides, read, and play board games! I dance competitively at DV8 Dance Complex and love it so much! I love reading my Bible early in the morning when it’s quiet, but also praising God daily through worship and prayer. If you want someone to do a Bible study with, I’m all ears! My social battery seems to last forever and I love going somewhere without knowing anyone, and meeting new people along the way. 

    I love working with other people to create group ideas and am always down for a walk and coffee shop talk. I love seeking other’s advice to better myself and sharing my own to help others! 

   If you ever want someone to talk to, grab a bite to eat with, or play some board games, I’m someone you can always ask!