Hey, my name is Gracie Blenden and I am a 2022 senior.

I attend IUniversity Prep whish is an online school based in Grapevine, TX.  I have modeled for an athlete company before but this is my first time ever ding shoots like this and so far it's so much fun!

Here is a few fun facts about me!

I have two very different sides of my personality.  One side is super fancy and loves dressing up, and the other loves to get muddy and go snake hunting, fishing and anything outdoors!  

I used to be a competitive cheerleader and was gifted the title of "Miss Happy" around my 2nd year!  I love making everyone feel loved and included, I was always called the "Team Mom" as well because I take everyone in as my family.  

I plan on attending Texas Women's University in Denton and studying nursing with a minor in psychology.  My goal in life is to truly make a difference even if it is in one person's life.  I go up to Bowie, TX often and that is where my more adventurous side comes out!  My best friends all live up there and I am beyond grateful for them!

I am a huge fan of Criminal Minds and can recite way too many Hunger Games fact. Lol!  I've always been a huge bookworm and love knowing random facts about anything in my life!  I taught myself to suture when I was 15 and love teaching myself new skills!  I am one who no matter what situation will be there for people, I will always pick up the phone or help someone who is down!  The world can be a crazy place and I love to add a bit of joy to anyone's day!

I work almost full time at a tanning salon and love it, I truly have the most incredible clients!  Overall I'm always down for a random adventure, learning new skills or just helping someone in need!